Top 5 Best Muscle Building Exercises

Muscle building is one of the ways to help you remain fit. And if you want to build your muscles, you need to exercise and visit the gym regularly. Injections and some of the machines being advertised on the media cannot help because they are just marketing gimmicks.

Normaltgwrdf5wedt62ye72u2ly, most people are not patient to wait for weeks or months for their muscles to grow nor there is any object or machine that can make your muscles develop faster. But here are some of the exercises that are highly valued and you could use in building your body and muscles.


If you need to have big legs, then you have to squat. While doing this exercise, you need to make sure that you are arching your back as from the time you started lifting the weights. Also, you should ensure that your head looks up and it needs to be back during the exercise. Your feet should be a little wide compared to the width of the shoulder. Before conducting this exercise, you may use even a chair to practice sitting down on it. It will help you to give in a pre-feeling of the exercise that you are to perform.


This is the best exercise that should be used in building your back muscles. It can be carried out at any time of the day, but it is probably recommended to do it after work. If you have done this exercise effectively, then it is easier for you to conduct many of the exercises because deadlifting involves the aspect of pulling your legs.

Military press

When you need to work on your shoulders, this is the best exercise that you can perform. It is advisable to go on pumps before performing this exercise. Military press is a very good exercise in getting a wide and thick look up. Always make sure that you lower your back.

Straight leg deadlifts

This is an important exercise to perform while working on your hamstritgwedrfwe6dy27weu8i2ng. This is a very easier exercise to perform because it has very simple movement but you need to be cautious because they may turn out to be a disappointment. When lifting weights in this exercise, always ensure that you are flexing your hamstring, and your hips should bend.

Bench press

This is the easiest exercise to practice but most of the people perform this movement poorly. When lifting heavy weights, you should avoid throwing the weights up but instead, try to push them using your chest muscles. If that does not work, then try using your hands.

In conclusion, remember it is a good idea to incorporate some of the exercises per body part to the addition of the listed exercises above.