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Three Home Renovation Ideas for Your Pet

dog on sofa

Are you aware that 60.2 million U.S. families have dogs? And 47.1 million families have cats. Since there are several things you need to consider first before bringing a pet in, as shared by Dad Of Divas, it is no surprise that more renovations incorporate purpose-built qualities to boost the pet’s comfort. Better yet, the tendency is to feature pre-assembled components without compromising fashion. In any event, pet-friendly home renovation has gone mainstream. Homeowners everywhere are keeping their furry family members in mind if renovating and making home improvements. Whether you are upgrading your entire residence or just the kitchen or living area, here are three pet-friendly house renovation ideas to put in your plan.

Washing Stations

dog washingThe fastest-growing trend in pet-friendly home renovations is dog washing stations. Tired of taking their pets to bathtubs or showers, pet owners enjoy the comfort of areas made for washing their pets. Most of them look like showers but are half as tall.

But people with smaller breeds often opt for some backlit tiled tub. If you’re building a mudroom, consider adding a washing station. But you could also add one to your laundry area. In both homes and condos, placing a puppy wash station in a bathroom is a popular option. It doesn’t cost much to add a dog washing station to your remodeling plan. However, anecdotal reports from real estate agents show that you will recoup your investment if you promote your home to another dog owner.

Feeding Stations

cat feedingMany pet owners want their dogs and cats to eat with everyone in the kitchen. But kitchens are the weakest area in many homes, and it’s easy for pet dishes to clash and fall. To keep the site clean and feeding intervals organized, a built-in feeding chute is a fantastic pet renovation idea.

In the kitchen, it is common to establish a dedicated feeding area beneath cabinets. It is a straightforward solution that doesn’t take up any extra space. But feeding stations don’t have to stay in the kitchen. Some people with large dogs or lots of cats build a small nook off the kitchen. Add the simplicity of shelves and drawers near meals to keep food and other equipment organized. If you want to go full throttle, add a water line along with a circulation pump to the power station – your pet’s water bowl will become a water source!


Mudrooms are an excellent idea that benefits humans as well as pets in the house. Keep the size relative to the size of your loved ones. The more children (such as grandchildren) and dogs that come in and out of your home, the more you will enjoy the mudroom. Traditionally, mudrooms are found in the side or back doors of houses. But don’t let that stop you from putting up a mudroom if your front door is the most used entrance. It’s not difficult to create an attractive and useful fender that connects to the front foyer. With this arrangement, you’ll have a more formal entryway and a convenient place to prepare for walks and clean muddy feet. Don’t rely on details for complete functionality.…